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Cynet is proud to announce our participation in the 2020 MITRE Carbanak+FIN7 ATT&CK Evaluation, allowing us to showcase the Cynet 360 platform’s broad range of protective capabilities. In this post, we provide a brief overview of the MITRE ATT&CK approach and discuss Cynet’s performance in the latest evaluation. These are the key takeaways:

  • Cynet achieved 100% visibility and detection across each of the 20 ATT&CK steps evaluated, including 10 on both days of testing.
  • Cynet detected 96% of the techniques presented in the ATT&CK Evaluation, demonstrating the platform’s ability to provide visibility and protection across the entire ATT&CK knowledge base.
  • Cynet utilized the greatest number of data sources among vendors evaluated, exhibiting our ability to detect and protect attack more attack vectors before damage can be done.
  • Cynet has achieved a 100% detection and protection rate for the Linux platform. With the widespread and increasing deployment of Linux and Mac operating systems, providing full protection beyond Windows machines is not an option.

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100% Visibility and Detection Across All Steps

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